Website administration and online data research

Content and web promotion go hand-in-hand if you really want to bring in the visitors. We recognise that building a successful site demands labour intensive work and we have the answer to tedious tasks. Whether you need to build lots of 'partnerships' with other sites, content uploaded, email enquiries answered or applications validated, we can provide cost-effective solutions.

Site administration

Our clients enjoy a turnkey delivery in which we handle their CMS administration. Our cost-effective admin. staff is familiar with a variety of content management systems and work efficiently and accurately to get your content live without delay.

In addition, we also administer labour-intensive tasks such as clearing out spam-congested inboxes, validating your blog comments, monitoring your AdWords campaigns and updating large quantities of DNS records. We've even made light work of offline tasks like rearranging and cleaning up spreadsheets of data.

Online research

Our team of virtual travellers clock up thousands of cyber miles visiting other travel sites for you to partner with. This is an essential task for networking your site on a large scale and ultimately securing significant search traffic. The databases we produce are also extremely valuable for marketing campaigns and sales lead generation.

Because our team is based in Thailand, we are able to provide cost-effective solutions to labour extensive tasks such as this. Our staff is fluent in English and has developed a good understanding of the internet.

Save yourself the headache of keeping abreast of these menial tasks by allowing us to tackle the on-going maintenance tasks, at minimal cost.

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Doug Scott,

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