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Looking for more traffic? We've compiled a comprehensive package of resources for helping promote your site.

Keyword analysis

All successful sites begin with a solid foundation of identified keywords and phrases. These are lexical sets of words and phrases that are related to your business and topics which typically attract searches on the net. The structure and content of your site should ideally fit in with these. We combine several sophisticated online tools to identify exactly which words and phrases (and combinations) are most popularly searched, or are the least competed. We analyse the odds of achieving success with these and help develop your strategy accordingly. Typically a report will reveal; the strength of various key phrases, the number of competing sites, and more.

Price: $100 for a full report, discounts for small keyword sets.

Directory listings

All popular sites need plenty of web exposure to succeed, this helps to raise your search profile. We've identified more than 1,000 directories where you can list your site for free and benefit listings as well as some traffic. But not all of them are reliable. After much trial and error, we know which ones are worthwhile and tackle the labour-intensive registration task for you.

Price: we offer a maximum of 500 successful listings for as little 75c per link guaranteed.

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We've built up relationships with numerous travel sites which are always looking to recommend good value travel services and link to their sites. If your site offers an attractive service to their viewers we can persuade them to include you

Price: subject to effort - please enquire.

a new trend in web promotion is to distribute useful information about your travel service and gain referrals and traffic back to your site. With the power of numbers on our site, we can get your message across to dozens of sites who will ultimately provide traffic and networking strength.

Price: $5 per article written and submitted to press sites.

Content for ecommerce

Without original copy, your strategy is doomed to fail from the start. Forget syndicated and freely distributed content; you need keyword-targeted unique copy to really catch the search traffic. Our entire copywriting business is based on legitimate content for ecommerce and we have plenty of experience in producing decent-quality cheap mass content. Find out more about rates and quality.

Price: from $15 per 400-word page, depending on quantity and depth.

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