Networking and marketing resources

Much of our work is conducted for competitive ecommerce travel sites. This is because large quantities of cheap content suit this strategy. But content alone won’t succeed; therefore we’ve put together a useful package of supporting resources for gaining ‘web popularity’ and analysing keywords.

We have formed productive partnerships with some of the leaders in the field, and can help your site bring in the search traffic legitimately.

Optimising partnerships

We understand what Google and others are aiming to provide their users, and we strive to build you a site that deserves to be found in the results.

Create a useful, information-rich site and write pages that accurately describe your content. This will help links come naturally.

But a content rich site needs promoting in order for others sites to willingly refer their visitors to you. That’s where we get involved beyond the writing task. Ask us about our comprehensive plan to help get your site noticed on the net, and ultimately bring in the search traffic. The 'web marketing game' is a notoriously fickle one and we agree that holistic and sustained efforts are safest in the long run.

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"We know the web travel business, but Andy at Virtualtravelguides seems to come up with some insightful advice on content and promo ideas".

Richard Hannan – Essential Travel

In addition to unique content which forms the basis of a web marketing strategy, we provide several services and products for gaining web popularity.

  • Directory listings service: drawing on a collection of more than 1,000 directories, we recommend this for a solid listings foundation. Our team knows best how to undertake this notoriously unreliable task with guaranteed results. Read more.
  • Referrals from quality travel pages: we work with a number of genuine travel sites who are willing to recommend decent web travel services. Listings are exclusive and the pages are all indexed and regularly viewed. Read more.
  • Press articles: another effective strategy is to disseminate useful articles that are relevant to your website and embed them with details of your site – this is an ideal way to get free publicity and ‘referrals’ from organic sources and we've figured out the most cost-effective way of doing this labour-intensive task. Read more.
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