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Sourcing recycled news globally

We write repackaged news, that is to say: we reproduce news in small bites relevant to your industry. These are short digestible news items for keeping your site visitors abreast of industry developments. It’s a neat way of keeping your site’s content fresh and attracting further SERPs traffic.

Several of our clients make regular use of our new writing team to publish unique, professionally written news sourced from up-to-date feeds and our subscriptions to press releases and newswires. With the correct setup, this news on your site can be recognised by Google news results.

paperless news done cheaply

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Increasingly b2b people rely on RSS and Google news feeds to keep abreast of developments, and the public find news via general searches. We write news that is targeted to the interest group, for example: driving a rental in a foreign country. Our dedicated team, with a qualified news editor, has being doing this for several years.

Ask us how we can provide regular news for you cheaply. Our news writing service has an efficient production that makes sure our clients receive current news on their site continually. From as little as £4/€5/$6 we can supply 200 words of unique, plagiarism-free news.

"…relevant and reliable travel news that keeps our sites current, without the cost of a news team."

Helen Young –

Article writing

We have the resources to produce professional articles on a variety of topics, just ask. These are not spun articles for links; they are proper features for adding fresh content to your site. We have clients who sustain orders for regular magazine-style articles to add to their site. We can produce these at reasonable cost, making them informative and readable.

Blogs, newsletters and social media

Current content, created by bloggers, the public or experts, add to your site’s trust factor by keeping abreast of news, trends and developments. We can help you keep on top of the blogging, professionally compile newsletters or update your social media regularly. With our existing experience in generating this disposable content, we can provide a cost-effective service aimed at generating fresh new information on your site.

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